ORaw Fitness

For those looking for a female Personal Trainer on the East Side of Galway, Aoife also has Personal Training session available with ORawFitness in Active24Fitness, Renmore Galway.


Founder of ORawFitness, Stephen O'Raw is a highly experienced Personal Training and Tutor in the Fitness Industry. ORawFitness Clients receive tailored training and nutrition plans to your specific body type, your goals, and your exercise experience.  All aspects of training are covered from the initial screening right through to the final stages of your body transformation.


The emphasis that ORawFitness  puts into maximising time with clients, in order to develop honest and trusting relationships between Client and Trainer has enabled the ORawFitness Personal Trainers to deliver exceptional results for years.

Highly Qualified & Experienced

Years of continuous education and experience


Training & Nutrition to suit each individual Experience & Tastes

Male & Female Trainers

Professional & Understanding Trainers working closely with you to achieve long lasting results

State of the Art Gym

24 Hour Gym & class Access

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For Aoife it is a pleasure to guide ORawFitness Clients on their Fitness Journey and work with other Professional Trainers.

To Book Sessions with Aoife at ORawFitness

Contact Stephen O'Raw on 087 94 101 99 or on Facebook/orawfitness

Or go to WWW.ORAWFITNESS.NET to Book a FREE Consultation