Personal Training

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Guaranteed Results

The most important reason for choosing personal training is working hard without gaining long lasting results. With personal training you will achieve your results, guaranteed (with adherence to trainer) but you will also achieve results you never even expected.


If you are one of the millions that find it hard to stick to programmes or resolutions then you are an ideal candidate for personal training. Accountability to a trainer will ensure that you are able to sustain and follow out your training plan to reach your desired goals.


Training isn't just about hitting the gym hard, lifting as heavy as possible and mindlessly performing exercises until you feel sweaty enough to leave. Exercises performed correctly and safely are much more effective. Having a trainer and a spotter will ensure that you will not do more damage than good.

Supervised Training

A primary role of a personal trainer is to observe, assist and if needed, correct. There is no getting away from your trainer, but this is a positive thing. There are no missed reps or sets and you don't even need to count them yourself. Personal training means you can focus solely on performing your exercise and we’ll do the rest.

Effective workouts

What could be worse than wasting your time on ineffective workouts or walking from machine to machine wondering what you are going to do. Having your workout designed and implemented for you saves time. It also ensures you are training towards your own specific goal. With so much information available it is hard to know what you need. Your personal trainer will make sure your workouts are designed for you and your capabilities and each day is a step closer to your goal.

Boost Confidence

Having a trainer by your side gives you the confidence to learn new exercises and venture into those areas in the gym where you may feel intimidated. This learning experience is invaluable to you for the rest of your training years you will be able to maintain your lifestyle with your new knowledge and confidence.