Aoife Morrow Personal Trainer

Meet Aoife Morrow

Aoife is a NEFPC qualified Personal Trainer based in Galway, Ireland & Founder of Conquer Fitness. Health & Fitness is her passion and providing people with the tools to achieve this lifestyle is her goal. After going through her own transformation, Aoife is highly qualified in Weight Management. She can identify with the struggle to lose weight and thinking you're trying everything possible. This first-hand knowledge of transformation has helped clients achieve their goals in the healthiest way possible. Her work revolves around helping others overcome many of life’s challenges to create success, that is effective and long- lasting. Through any transformation, belief is half the battle and this expert is the support you need to learn to believe in yourself. - Believe.Achieve.



No Nonsense

No fads, gimmicks, or quick fixes. Just proven training and nutrition methods.


No deprivation, no insane training routines and no obsessive eating guidelines.


These plans guarantee results, take it from me! Seriously, I've tried everything!


Healthy choices and fitness routines that last and fit your lifestyle.

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Aoife's journey

In only FOUR weeks with Aoife's  Four Week Gym & Nutrition Plan

Summer 2017, my goal was to achieve more muscle definition. Through this 4 week plan I never felt deprived, I stayed committed and never skipped a meal prep or training session. I allowed for eating unprepared (and really unhealthy) food twice in this period but got back on track straight away. I really believe if your bodyfat is healthy you can allow yourself these breaks in routine. 

I'm not done, being fit and healthy is a way of life.

- Aoife Morrow