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Why Aoife Morrow should be your personal trainer?

No Nonsense
No fads, gimmicks, or quick fixes. Just proven training and nutrition methods.
No deprivation, no insane training routines and no obsessive eating guidelines.
These plans guarantee results, take it from me! Seriously, I've tried everything!
Healthy choices and fitness routines that last and fit your lifestyle

Not just another fitness blog 

I know what you're thinking, another personal trainer why should I believe her. And you’re absolutely right to question me! There is an overload of fitness information and misinformation out there and you need to choose carefully who you listen to. What makes me different? Well, I'm just like you, no really, I've gone from overweight takeaway junkie to personal trainer, fitness fanatic and meal prep expert. The information I’m giving you is my personal experience of what actually works and what is reasonable to achieve.

There are countless fitspos out there that will tell you you can achieve fat loss by drinking smoothies and countless plans like “4 moves to a sexy back”. Well I'm sorry to burst the bubble but this is nonsense! Although they are on the right track don't you hate how “easy as that” they make it sound? This can be completely demotivating. What happens when you drink smoothies and don't loss fat, give up. And what happens when you're not able to do these back exercises confidently, give up.

Ok, so then you ask what is the answer?

Your health and fitness journey should reduce your stress, build you up and make you feel good about yourself. It should show you the incredible things your body and mind are capable of.

Simply, health and fitness is about eating well and moving CONSISTENTLY. No fad or quick fix diets but sensible eating and educated meal choices. These choices need to support your fitness goals and training plans. We're eating healthy to get leaner, bigger, slimmer or stronger not as compensation for other bad choices. And that's why my plans are personalised because we all have a different goal to conquer.

Don't waste anymore time looking through quick fixes or general workout guides. Get in touch here with your goal and we’ll get started.

Still not sure, see what my clients have to say in client testimonials.

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