Health Coaching

Before and after fitness transformation
Health coaching plans are designed on a four-week basis at which point they can be reviewed to ensure continued success avoid plateaus. After completing a meal diary a full nutrition plan is designed to suit your tastes and goals. Your macronutrient and calorie count are fully detailed which takes all the stress away from meal prep. This all ensures you are not damaging your metabolism by eating too little and avoiding certain nutrients. In addition, variations to meals are included so at no point will you feel restricted or bored of eating the same things. Prices range  from €80 to €120.


"I was never hungry but I never skipped a meal prep or a training day. I allowed for eating unprepared (and really unhealthy) food twice in this period but got back on track straight away.  As a personal trainer myself I know the benefit of having someone push you past your comfort zone. I'm not done, it's a way of life not a destination. "

- Aoife Morrow

Do you want a diet that doesn't "feel" like a diet but rather just feels like a change in food choices that you can enjoy and simultaneously achieve your goals?


Do you want a nutrition plan that is achievable? A nutrition plan that is easy to prepare and follow?


Then, our health coaching plans are for you!

 Health coaching is the perfect choice for someone who has little experience with nutrition or those who easily fall off track due to not knowing what to eat.