I haven’t always had a lean physique. In fact, never, until a few years ago. Growing up, I always carried extra body fat and even though I was really self conscious about it, I didn’t really know what to do.  In my late teens I followed every trendy ‘diet’, from Atkins to South Beach to Weightwatchers to starving myself all day until I binged. Back then I never really understood how much this was damaging my body.

Although an active child, I fell out of sport when I turned 17 and my physical activity ended there.  At this point, and with going to university, my weight crept up slowly for years until one typical Saturday night while applying tan I turned to reach my back and I felt sick with what I saw – I had rolls of fat and no muscle tone whatsoever.   No matter how much fake tan I put on, this was not something I could cover up.  I had let it go too far and the utter shock sparked something in me.   

Although my family had already expressed their concern at the extra body fat I had gained, it was only now that I really SAW it for myself.  I was 24 years old and had spent years eating badly, drinking and doing NO EXERCISE.  Yes, physically I looked bad but inside I felt worse, no confidence or pride in myself, tired, sore and sad.  


drop 3 dress sizes

 The first step I took was getting a gym program and began making my own food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I changed from a pastry and coffee on the bus, scone for mid morning, meatball wrap for lunch, a takeaway for dinner as well as countless crisps and bars, to cycling to work, fruit and yogurt for breakfast, salads for lunch and chicken and salads for dinner. 

It was by no means a perfect nutrition plan, definitely not, but it started me on a track to better health.  I went to the gym every evening, tried Zumba and loved it!  Any extra bit of activity I could do like walking on my breaks, I did and after three months I had LOST 12KG, but more importantly over 10% BODY FAT.  

I felt unbelievable! 

flat tummy


I got complements everyday and I could move my body better. I clearly remember one day putting my hands on my hips and being shocked at how narrow I had gotten. None of my clothes fitted – they were falling off me and it felt brilliant. I was completely changed mentally and physically.  Food was not a reward anymore, no treats for a ‘hard day’ or a celebration. I rewarded myself with new clothes!  

After some time I realised I actually enjoyed working out and doing fitness classes and although I was studying for a Masters in Business Information Systems, I was thinking more and more about a career in the fitness industry. I wanted to be able to tell people that it can actually be done, you can lose body fat, and you can feel better.  Before I’d even finished my Masters, I started a personal training course with Image Fitness Training. It was an eye opener and one of the most enjoyable 17 weeks I’ve ever had.  





fitness with aoife

Now I have my own personal training business, CONQUER FITNESS, and I’m very excited  to be working with my clients to help them also achieve their goals for body image, health and fitness. I still have to work on my own attitude towards food.  Less is not more! Nutrient rich foods is the way to go. It’s so important to make this change in your life before it’s too late. Being overweight is a slippery slope and heart disease, diabetes and pain are all on the horizon.   If I can help people achieve the same great feeling I had when I changed my life and encourage a healthier lifestyle then I’ll be a very happy personal trainer! 


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