5 Tips To Eliminate Food Cravings

Drink Water

As soon as you feel that craving on your mind drink a large glass of water. More often than not we can mistake a feeling of thirst for hunger, so by hydrating you can stop the craving feeling.

Eat Regularly

By spacing your meals out to every three hours you won’t give yourself a chance to feel hungry.

Eat High Fibre

This is especially important at breakfast time. Eating a high fibre carbohydrate will help slow down your digestion and you will feel fuller longer.

Eat Fat

With so many people following low carbohydrate diets you are more likely to crave them. By eating fat you will suppress your craving. Good examples are almond butter and avocado.

Plan for Cravings

Be aware of what situations make you crave a certain food, like sitting down in front of the TV in the evening, boredom or even stress. Have a back-up plan so you can deal with these situations. Have berries of nuts convenient. If its stress there is nothing better than going to the gym.

Health coaching is the perfect choice for someone who has little experience with nutrition or those who easily fall off track due to not knowing what to eat.


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