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Aoife is a NEFPC qualified personal trainer based in Galway, Ireland & founder of Conquer Fitness. Health & Fitness is her passion and providing people with the tools to achieve this lifestyle is her goal. After going through her own transformation, Aoife is highly qualified in Weight Management. She can identify with the struggle to lose weight and thinking you're trying everything possible.This first-hand knowledge of transformation has helped clients achieve their goals in the most healthy way possible. Her work revolves around helping others overcome many of life’s challenges to create success, that is effective and long- lasting. Through any transformation, belief is half the battle and Aoife is the support you need to learn to believe in yourself. - Believe.Achieve.

Personal Training

Achieve the results that you've always wanted. With our personal training plans you will receive one to one gym sessions, a personalised nutrition program, a home or gym workout plan to complement your personal training sessions and 24 hour support and advice.

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Online coaching

For those with previous gym experience, online coaching offers training to your own schedule. This option includes nutritional advice and weekly accountability check-ins. You will receive unlimited support throughout your programme duration.

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Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition Coaching will speed up your metabolism. Stop negative fad diet cycles. Increase training results through Sports Nutrition. Optimise nutrient uptake with nutrient timing. Learn how to meal prep, plan and make satisfying meals.

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Why choose Aoife

I know what you're thinking, another personal trainer why should I believe her. And you’re absolutely right to question me! There is an overload of fitness information and misinformation out there and you need to choose carefully who you listen to. What makes me different? Well, I'm just like you, no really, I've gone from overweight takeaway junkie to personal trainer, fitness fanatic and meal prep expert. The information I’m giving you is my personal experience of what actually works and what is reasonable to achieve.

There are countless fitspos out there that will tell you you can achieve fat loss by drinking smoothies and countless plans like “4 moves to a sexy back”. Well I'm sorry to burst the bubble but this is nonsense! Although they are on the right track don't you hate how “easy as that” they make it sound? This can be completely demotivating. What happens when you drink smoothies and don't loss fat, give up. And what happens when you're not able to do these back exercises confidently, give up.

Ok, so then you ask what is the answer?


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“My own progress has now become my motivation, and I owe it to her (Aoife)”


Sarah completed this programme over an eight week period and the results are fantastic. Keeping Nutrition in check played a major factor. Images from week 1, 3 & 6 show increased muscle definition and a stronger healthier body composition.

“This girl is amazing!!! I’d be lost without Aoife, she’s always pushing me to try harder and I’m never disappointed in the results!”


One of Conquers hardest working clients. Early mornings in the gym, constantly updating her program and taking new on challenges. It’s not deprivation that has gotten Stephanie to the place she is, it’s consistency.